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Application Standards

ASTM A 641
Standard specification for zinc-coated (galvanized) carbon steel wire (aka hanger wire).

ASTM A 653
Standard specification for steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized) or zinc-iron alloy-coated (galvannealed) by the Hot Dip Process.

ASTM B 117
Environmental performance test method.

ASTM C 367
Test methods for strength properties of prefabricated architectural acoustical tile or lay-in ceiling panels.

ASTM C 423
Standard test method for sound absorption and sound absorption coefficients by the reverberation room method.

ASTM C 518
Standard test method for steadystate heat flux measurements and thermal transmission properties by means of the heat flow meter apparatus.

ASTM C 522
Test method for airflow resistance of acoustical materials.

ASTM C 635
Standard specification for metal suspension systems for acoustical tile and lay-in ceilings

ASTM C 636
Standard practice for installation of metal ceiling suspension systems for acoustical tile and lay-in panel

ASTM C 645
Standard specification for drywall furring products

ASTM D 610 Standard test method for evaluating degree of rust

ASTM D 1037
Standard test method for evaluating properties of impact resistance

ASTM D 2486
Standard test method for scrub resistance of painted surfaces

ASTM D 3273
Standard test method for resistance to growth of mold on the surface of interior coatings in an environmental chamber

ASTM D 4828
Standard test method for practical washability of organic coatings

Test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials (aka 25-foot tunnel test for smoke and flame spread on an individual product, not an assembly)

Method for laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss of building partitions

Standard method for testing of water vapor transmission

ASTM E 119
Standard methods of fire tests of building construction and material (aka hourly fire resistance rating test for an entire assembly)

ASTM E 136
Standard test method for behavior of materials in a vertical tube furnace (aka combustibility test method; often used for Coast Guard applications)

ASTM E 176
Standard terminology relating to fire standards

ASTM E 580
Standard practice for application of ceiling suspension systems for acoustical tile and lay-in panels in areas requiring seismic restraint

ASTM E 795
Standard practices for mounting specimens during sound absorption tests

ASTM E 1110
Standard specification for the determination of Articulation Class

ASTM E 1111
Standard specification for measuring the inter-zone attenuation of ceiling systems

ASTM E 1130
Standard test method for objective measurement of Speech Privacy in open offices using the Articulation Index

ASTM E 1179
Specification for Sound Sources Used for Testing Open Office Components and Systems

ASTM E 1264
Standard for the classification of acoustical ceiling products

ASTM E 1375
Standard Test Method for Measuring the Interzone Attenuation of Furniture Panels Used as Acoustical Barriers

ASTM E 1376
Standard Test Method for Measuring the Interzone Attenuation of Sound Reflected by Wall Finishes and Furniture Panels

ASTM E 1414
Standard test method for airborne sound attenuation between rooms sharing a common ceiling plenum (previously known as ASTM E 413)


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