Armstrong Expands Vector Family of Ceilings with Addition of New Ultima Vector Panels

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Upscale, Grid-Hiding Visual Now Available in Mineral Fiber Panels
as well as Fiberglass and Metal to Meet Wider Range of Project Needs

CHICAGO, June 18, 2001 – Architects, designers, building owners and facility managers looking for an upscale ceiling visual can now choose from a wider range of material, performance and budget options thanks to the introduction of Ultima Vector, a new Vector ceiling from Armstrong.

The new addition to the Vector family of ceilings is a mineral fiber panel that features a smooth, fine textured surface, excellent sound absorption, high light reflectance, and the patented Vector edge detail that creates an upscale, grid-hiding visual with downward access.

It joins a family of suspended ceilings that already includes Optima® Vector, a fiberglass panel designed for open office plans and other areas where high acoustical performance is required, and MetalWorks Vector, a metal panel designed for high visibility areas where the durability and classic look of metal are required. MetalWorks Vector panels are also available for use in exterior applications.

According to Mike Fischer, Vice President of Marketing, the introduction of Ultima Vector reinforces Armstrong’s commitment to the needs of the marketplace. "The design community told us they wanted the clean, sophisticated Vector visual in a wider range of material, performance and budget options in order to meet a wider range of project needs. The addition of Ultima Vector meets all these requirements."

More Monolithic in Appearance

The new addition to Armstrong’s line of suspended ceilings utilizes the unique Vector grid-hiding edge detail to produce a sleek 1/4" reveal that minimizes the visible grid, thereby creating a ceiling that is more monolithic in appearance than ordinary suspended ceilings.

The 2’x 2’ panels install in a 15/16" exposed tee suspension system, which makes them ideal for renovation applications as well as new construction. Because there is no need to replace or re-paint an existing grid system, renovation projects can be completed quickly and cost-effectively with minimal workplace disruption.

Ultima Vector suspended ceilings also ensure more damage-free installations. The panels feature upward installation and downward accessibility, which increases the durability of the ceiling by reducing the possibility of damage to the panels caused by hanger wires and other obstructions in the plenum. The panels slide into the grid without going through the grid opening.

Aesthetics Plus Performance

In addition to their grid-hiding visual appeal, the new ceilings offer outstanding sound absorption and light reflectance. Ultima Vector panels have a UL Classified Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.70 and a Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) of 35.

They also have an exceptionally high Light Reflectance (LR) value of 0.89, which means they reflect 89 percent of the light striking them. Most commonly installed acoustical ceilings have an LR of 0.70 to 0.81. An independent study shows that ceilings with an LR of 0.89 can cut lighting and energy costs as much as 18% by reducing the number of fixtures required, especially in indirect lighting applications.

Ultima Vector panels also feature a very fine textured DuraBrite scratch and soil-resistant surface, as well as humidity-resistant HumiGuard Plus properties to reduce the possibility of sagging and to inhibit the growth of mold/mildew on the painted surface.

Ultima Vector ceilings carry a 10-year limited warranty; 15 years when installed on Armstrong hot dipped galvanized grid systems.

To obtain additional information on new Ultima Vector ceilings call 1-877-ARMSTRONG (1-877-276-7876) or visit on the Internet.

Armstrong Holdings, inc. is a global leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of ceilings and floors. Based in Lancaster, PA, Armstrong has nearly 15,000 employees worldwide. In 2000, Armstrong’s net sales totaled more than $3.0 billion.


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