Improvements in Armstrong Drywall Grid System Enhance Compatibility with Type F Light Fixtures

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Additional Routs in Main Beams and Cross Tees
Provide Increased Flexibility of Fixture Placement

Armstrong has announced a number of improvements in its Drywall Grid System, many of which are designed to enhance compatibility with Type F light fixtures.

For example, the system's main beams now contain 34 additional routs in the web to accommodate Type F fixture layouts. This brings the total number of routs in each main beam to 51. The addition of the new routs increases flexibility of fixture placement and eliminates the cost of special accessories, splices or job-site "fixes" to build openings for Type F lights.

The improved main beams also incorporate a new triple lock splice and a new fire expansion relief notch. The triple lock main beam splice installs similar to Armstrong's popular Prelude main beam. It connects with an audible "click," and can be inserted into an adjoining main beam from 12 feet away. The fire expansion relief notch is built into the web of the grid and eliminates the 1-1/2" gap on the previous main splice detail.

In addition to improvements in the main beams, Armstrong has also improved its Drywall Grid System 48" cross tee by adding eight more routs along the web. This too increases the flexibility of Type F fixture placements without the use of any special accessories.

The company has also introduced four new cross tees to reduce the labor required to handle Type F fixtures. The new additions include a 50" cross tee and three new short dimension tees. The 50" cross tee incorporates seven routs for flexible fixture placement and can accommodate a 48" long fixture body while still maintaining 48" on-center spacing of the main beams.

The three new short dimension tees include a 26" tee to accommodate 24" wide fixtures, a 24" tee for added support across 2-foot dimensions, and a 14" tee to accommodate 12" wide fixtures.

An economical alternative to stud and track construction, the Armstrong Drywall Grid System reduces installation time and material cost. It also provides a smooth transition between acoustical ceiling and wall.

Additional information on Armstrong's Drywall Grid System may be obtained by calling 1-877-ARMSTRONG (1-877-276-7876), or by visiting on the Internet.

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of interior finishes, most notably ceilings and floors. Its commercial products include acoustical ceilings, ceiling suspension systems, and linoleum, wood and vinyl floor coverings. Through its Architectural Specialties Group, Armstrong also provides collaborative custom ceiling capabilities, including wood, metal and fully integrated ceiling solutions for areas such as corridors and ceiling perimeters. In 1999, company sales totaled more than $3.4 billion. The company has a workforce of approximately 18,000 employees.


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