Armstrong Now Offers Optima® Ceilings In Both Large And Custom Sizes

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New Cost-Efficient Option for Larger-Sized Ceiling Panels

CHICAGO, June 10 – Architects and designers, as well as building owners and managers, looking for cost-efficient, large-sized ceiling panels that are more in scale with the size of a space now have a new choice: custom-sized Optima® High-NRC ceilings from Armstrong.

Available in custom sizes ranging anywhere from 12" to 48" in width and 12" to 120" in length with only a one-carton minimum order quantity, these high-performance ceilings provide exceptional noise reduction, light reflectance and scratch resistance. They also feature factory-finished edges that provide a much better visual than field-cut edges. Custom-size panels ship within 4-6 weeks.

Offered in both square lay-in and tegular versions in three thicknesses (3/4", 1" and 1-1/2") Optima® High-NRC Custom Size ceilings can be quickly and easily installed in a variety of standard 9/16" and 15/16" grid systems. A special stabilizer clip that hooks over the grid locks larger panels (longer than 60") in place. Unlike stabilizer bars, the clips allow the panel to be easily removed for access to the plenum.

Aesthetics Plus Performance

Engineered to provide more design flexibility, the new custom-sized ceiling panels offer the same outstanding sound absorption and light reflectance properties as Armstrong’s other Optima® ceilings, making them ideal for High-NRC environments.

Optima® High-NRC Custom Size ceilings have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 to 1.00 and Articulation Class (AC) of 180-210 depending on the panel’s thickness. Articulation Class helps determine the suitability of a ceiling for an High-NRC office because it measures a ceiling’s ability to absorb sound that strikes it between 45 and 55, the angles at which most sound passes over furniture dividers. An AC of 180 is generally accepted as the minimum for obtaining normal privacy in open offices.

In addition to their exceptionally high acoustical properties, the new panels have a high Light Reflectance (LR) value of 0.90. This means the ceiling reflects 90% of the light striking it, significantly reducing initial and long-term lighting costs (up to 18%) or simply improving the effectiveness of the lighting. Most commonly used ceilings have an LR ranging from 0.70 to 0.82.

Scratch-Resistant Surface

All Optima® High-NRC Custom Size panels feature Armstrong’s very fine textured, non-directional DuraBrite surface for increased durability. This washable, impact-resistant surface resists scratches when sliding the panel across the grid for plenum access, thereby minimizing the need for frequent panel replacement. It also makes the panels more resistant to HVAC soiling.

Optima® High-NRC Custom Size ceilings have humidity-resistant HumiGuard Plus properties to reduce the possibility of sagging, and they carry a 10-year limited warranty; 30 years when installed on Armstrong hot dipped galvanized grid systems.

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