RH200 Curved Plank Installation Instructions

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1.1 Product Description

MetalWorks RH200 Curved Plank system is a downwardly accessible, metal ceiling available in a range of sizes. It is designed to install on an Armstrong Hook-on J- Bar suspension system. Installed panels are supported by their short/straight sides only. The two long sides have vertical returns; the panels are self-supporting without sag along their long dimension.


It is recommended that panels be installed with a foam "Gasket" separating them.

1.2 Storage and Handling

The ceiling panels shall be stored in a dry interior location and shall remain in cartons prior to installation to avoid damage.

1.3 Site Conditions

Building areas to receive ceilings shall be free of construction dust and debris. Panels should only be installed in closed and acclimatized buildings where the HVAC systems are operating.

Installation of RH200 Curved Planks requires minimal clearance above the suspension system.


2.1 General

The suspension system shall be Armstrong "U" channel (BPM300.100) and J-Bar (BPM311.047) suspension elements. Suspension system installation shall conform to ASTM C-636 requirements.

2.2 Suspension Grid

MetalWorks Hook-on panels may be installed in a variety of modules. The U channels shall be spaced 48" O.C. The J-Bars shall intersect the main beams at 90° at every module (the module is dictated by the length of the panel – consult the shop drawings). U channel and J- Bar intersections shall be secured with clips supplied BPM300.107 and BPM300.120.

2.3 Threaded Rod Connectors

Where finished heights and curved profiles dictate, it may not be possible to attach J-Bars directly to the U channels. In these cases a threaded rod may be used to connect the two elements. The drop height from the U channel to the J-Bar shall be as indicated on the shop drawings.

2.4 Panel Penetrations

Holes cut for sprinkler heads and other services that penetrate the ceiling panel may be field or factory cut.


3.1 General

MetalWorks RH200 Curved Planks are easily installed and removed from below the suspension system without the aid of tools or special equipment, allowing easy downward access to the plenum.

Panel Orientation

Panels are coded on the shop drawings and on their backs. Before beginning panel installation, ensure that the correct panels are assigned to the correct areas in the suspension system and their orientation is correct.

Installing Panels
Note that panels have different hanging details on their short edges/brackets--one has a wide hook; the other has a narrow hook.

Step 1: Insert the wide hook edge up into the grid opening (between the J-Bars). Locate the hook over the J-Bar and slide the panel towards that end until the other end is clear to swing up into the opening.

Step 2: Swing the panel up into the opening.

Step 3: Slide the panel back to engage the long hook and then lower into place. The short hook will automatically engage.

Repeat process until first row of panels is in place. Subsequent rows of panels are installed similarly.

It is not necessary to use any specific sequence as all panels are fully accessible with or without the other panels installed.

3.2 Orientation of Panels

Install all full sized panels with the hooks (panel short edge details/brackets) oriented as dictated by the shop drawings.

3.3 Panel Alignment

From time to time during installation, check that panel alignment is correct. On large panel runs it may be useful to clamp an occasional panel (Security Clip BPM311.056) to assist in maintaining correct alignment and to prevent subsequent misalignment during routine access and replacement.


Perimeters will be detailed as shown on the approved shop drawings.

RH200 Curved Metal Plank System panels should not be cut in the field.


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