Fastrack Perforation Options

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Ceilings Walls Integrated Ceiling Systems Suspension Systems Trims & Transitions Building Perimeter Systems Drywall Grid Systems

Additional perforation patterns are available, but may be subject to size and form limitations. Please contact 877-ARMSTRONG for use and suitability recommendations, as well as for a copy of perforation booklet CS-3292-1200 which contains full perforation listings.

Qg 4425.pdf
Qg 4425.dwg

Qg 8842.pdf
Qg 8842.dwg

Rd 2508.pdf
Rd 2508.dwg

Rd 312.pdf
Rd 312.dwg

Rd 324.pdf
Rd 324.dwg

Rd 3506.pdf
Rd 3506.dwg

Rd 406.pdf
Rd 406.dwg

Rd 411.pdf
Rd 411.dwg

Rg 0701.pdf
Rg 0701.dwg

Rg 1423.pdf
Rg 1423.dwg

Rg 1511.pdf
Rg 1511.dwg

Rg 1820.pdf
Rg 1820.dwg

Rg 2516.pdf
Rg 2516.dwg

Rg 3503.pdf
Rg 3503.dwg

Rg 3512.pdf
Rg 3512.dwg

Rg 3528.pdf
Rg 3528.dwg

Rg 422.pdf
Rg 422.dwg

Rg 8022.pdf
Rg 8022.dwg

Rv 4625.pdf
Rv 4625.dwg

Rd 1522.pdf
Rd 1522.dwg

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