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ShortSpan Drywall Framing System: The best choice for framing short spans!

Save Time: patented Locking Angle Mold eliminates the need to measure, easy to cut

Reduce Labor Cost: eliminate screws, cross tees and hanger wires (in most applications)

Reduce Material Cost: economical price point on components

system was evaluated using full-scale seismic testing (ESR-1289); check with your local code official for approval prior to installation

Fire Rated: up to 2-hour rating with one (1) layer of fire-rated gypsum board.

ShortSpan Framing Tees are engineered for faster, easier installation:

  • Engineered to span up to 7' without vertical support
  • Flattened ShortSpan bulb 2" from each end of tee allows StrongBack™ to slide over bulb without bending locking tab
  • 1-1/2" wide face exceeds the minimum industry standard (double web)
  • ScrewStop™  reverse hem prevents screw spin off
  • Rotary stitching on double web adds strength and stability
  • Deep knurled surface for easy screw insertion
  • Reduce waste by ordering custom lengths
  • G40, .018" metal thickness meets ASTM C645

ShortSpan Corridor System: Time saving solution for congested plenum installations

  • Eliminates the need for hanger wire and screws
  • Gusset and mounting rails provide alternative method of grid attachment when straight drops for hanger wire are not possible
  • Reduced labor costs over conventional installation methods in congested plenums
  • Alignment crimps on locking tabs for fast, easy alignment

StrongBack: Pre-engineered solution to support spans over 6' or 7' (patent pending)

  • Knockouts 8" on center eliminates measuring, screwing and splicing
  • Allows vertical supports at 4' on center instead of 24" or 16"
  • Reduces lateral movement
  • Resist upward movement if used with vertical tee post or stud
  • Easier to level system compared to traditional framing

Locking tabs on moldings (LAM12 & PRLAM12) provide faster, more accurate solution (patents pending)

  • Locking tabs punched 8" on center eliminates measuring 16" and 24"
  • Eliminates screws, pop rivets or crimpers needed to attach tees to molding
  • ScrewStop reverse hem prevents spin off and provides safer handling
  • G40 or G90, .018" metal thickness meets ASTM C645
  • Pre-Rock Locking Angle Molding faster solution for two-phase gypsum board application
    o Separates upper and lower Gypsum Board installations
    o ShortSpan can be installed last after other trades finish in plenum
    o Ceiling Gypsum Board installation is easier to install on a wider surface
  • Locking Angle Molding and Pre-Rock Locking Angle Molding are designed to only work with ShortSpan products

Knurled Angle Molding: Easier and safer to handle than Shiny 90

  • Hemmed edges for easier jobsite handling
  • Pre-punched holes on top edges allow for faster screw insertion
  • Comes in 10' and 12' lengths
  • Can be stored outside

Reduce Waste: Faster jobsite cleanup

  • No cardboard cartons to clutter jobsite
  • No packaging means product can be chop sawed to length and stored outside


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