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Creating Effective Learning Environments
Your acoustical design for school ceilings is the key to hearing four out of four words.

Teachers can’t teach and students can’t learn in noisy classrooms. The quality of the acoustic environment is vital to all students since they must be able to understand the teacher to learn effectively. Selection of the proper acoustical treatments for school ceilings can play a critical role in increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and reducing reverberation time.
Statement Spaces
Statement spaces tell the world who you are. Presenting a professional, innovative and sophisticated sense of your school has never been more important. Create a signature school ceiling with curves, canopies, clouds, translucents, colors, warm wood finishes...which can be purely aesthetic or can absorb sound and create quieter environments.
LITERATURE - Acoustics & Performance:

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LITERATURE - Aesthetics:
 Canopies & Clouds Brochure




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