Commercial Ceilings and Walls Solutions Guide

Ceiling, Suspension System, and Wall Installation Methods

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Commercial Ceilings and Walls Installation Solutions

The chapters of the Commercial Ceilings and Walls Solutions Guide are available below in PDF format. For additional information, please contact TechLine.

Chapter 1: Basic Suspension Systems PDF - 1.19MB
Chapter 2: Drywall and ShortSpan Grid Systems PDF - 17.2MB
Chapter 3: Canopies and Open Plenum Applications PDF - 1.79MB
Chapter 4: Seismic Applications PDF - 586KB
Chapter 5: Wall Systems PDF - 406KB
Chapter 6: Vector Ceiling Systems PDF - 2.24MB
Chapter 7: Axiom Perimeter Trim PDF - 2.05MB
Chapter 8: Moldings and Accessories PDF - 799KB
Chapter 9: Serpentina PDF - 1.04MB
Full Book: Commercial Ceilings and Walls Solutions Guide PDF - 25MB

Please note: This book contains drawings that show typical conditions in which the Armstrong product depicted is installed. They are not a substitute for an architect’s or engineer’s plan and do not reflect the unique requirements of local building codes, laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations (Legal Requirements) that may be applicable for a particular installation.

Armstrong does not warrant, and assumes no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the drawings for a particular installation or their fitness for a particular purpose. The user is advised to consult with a duly licensed architect or engineer in the particular locale of the installation to assure compliance with all Legal Requirements.


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