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Achieve Energy Savings

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Achieve Energy Savings

When designing an energy-efficient building, people tend to focus on everything from insulation to window placement, but in fact, ceiling systems can also play a role in effective energy conservation. Here’s a look at ceiling contributions to achieve energy savings.

Benefits of High Light Relectance Ceilings

  • Total building energy savings up to 11%
  • Increased occupant satisfaction and productivity
  • Ability to contribute to LEED® credits

View High Light Reflectance Ceiling Products

Benefits of DC FlexZone

  • Low voltage DC power distributed through the ceiling suspension system
  • Repurpose and reconfigure without rewiring
  • Simple, flexible plug and play modularity
  • Customize your space with devices where you need them
  • Help accelerate use of DC-based LED lighting
  • Enable direct use of on-site renewable energy, like wind and solar

Learn more about DC FlexZone

Energy and Atmosphere Ceiling Contribution Recommended Ceiling System
Light Reflecting Ceiling Panel Improves space illumination allowing for fewer light fixtures, a reduced electrical light output, lower maintenance costs, and reduced cooling load. Any panel with LR 0.83. or greater
DC FlexZone Low Voltage DC-powered suspension system Offers the ability to distribute safe, low-voltage direct current (DC) power that can significantly improve the flexibility and reuse of interior spaces. DC FlexZone – Suprafine®
DC FlexZone – Silhouette®


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