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Indoor Environmental Quality

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Enhance Daylight and Reduce Glare
Indirect lighting leads to higher visual comfort levels which has been proven to increase employee effectiveness. High light reflectance ceilings enhance the benefits of indirect lighting by:

  • Improving overall lighting uniformity
  • Returning up to 90% of light back into the space (vs. 75% with a standard ceiling)
Indoor Environmental Quality Ceiling Contribution Recommended Ceiling System
Light Reflectance to Extend Daylight Armstrong HI-LR ceilings can aid in extending daylighting into the space. Armstrong high light reflectance ceilings are engineered to reflect up to 90% of the light striking the surface. Recent independent studies have shown a 10-15% daylighting effectiveness increase with the use of these ceilings. Any panel with LR 0.83. or greater

Enhance Indoor Air Quality
Armstrong low emitting ceilings are third-party certified, compliant with California Department of Public Health DCPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.1, 2012. This standard is the guideline for low emissions in LEED®, CalGreen Title 24, ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189; ANSI/GBI Green Building Assessment Protocol.

Indoor Environmental Quality Ceiling Contribution Recommended Ceiling System
Low Emitting Materials Armstrong offers the widest selection of acoustical ceilings that satisfy stringent indoor environment quality requirements for formaldehyde and VOC emissions. Any certified low VOC emissions ceiling panel

AirGuard Coating for Ultima® ceiling panels actively removes formaldehyde in buildings. When applied to the back of ceiling panels, the AirGuard Coating converts the formaldehyde present in interior spaces into an inert substance permanently captured by the ceiling.

Product testing and measurement followed: ASTM procedures (ASTM 5116-10, D 5197-03, and ISO Standards 9ISO-16000-23).

Healthcare and Clean Rooms
This corresponds with Class 100 of U.S. Federal Standard 209E.rmstrong Ceiling Systems can meet stringent requirements for air cleanliness in healthcare and clean room environments. Select products meet ISO class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.


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