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High recycled ceiling and grid products for sustainable interiors.

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Sustainable Ceilings – A Ceiling for Every Space

Armstrong offers the broadest standard and custom portfolio of total ceiling solutions for your projects across all material types. Our solutions deliver the environmental results you need for your projects, from achieving energy savings with high light reflectance products, simplifying waste management by recycling, and enhancing indoor environmental quality with acoustics. You’ll find a broad range of price points to fit any project, and over 1000 solutions that can contribute to earning LEED credits.

Mineral Fiber & Fiberglass Ceilings

Our mineral fiber ceilings are 100% recyclable and, thanks to our closed-loop recycling process, our Ceiling-2-Ceiling options offer the highest level of post-consumer recycled content. They deliver combination acoustics to improve indoor environmental quality and certified low VOC emissions to meet stringent indoor air quality standards.

Our fiberglass ceilings deliver significant energy savings via high light-reflective surfaces, contain up to 75% recycled content and are also 100% recyclable. In addition, Armstrong offers plant-based binder options for certified low VOC emissions.

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Metalworks ™ Ceilings

A variety of Armstrong MetalWorks ceilings are made of aluminum, which can have up to 98% recycled content. Metal ceilings are reclaimable and have extremely long life-cycles, reducing construction waste. Metalworks ceilings can also be integrated with radiant heat and cooling technology to reduce energy costs and perforated panels with acoustical backing reduce reverberation time and improve acoustics…both of which improve indoor environmental quality.

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WoodWorks® Ceilings & Walls

Our line of WoodWorks ceilings and walls offer up to 92% recycled content and are made of 100% USDA certified biobased wood products. We offer a range of FSC-certified, California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant options, and veneers made with rapidly renewable plant-based products. In addition, perforated wood ceiling and wall panels with acoustical backing improve sound indoor quality and reduce reverberation time.

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Suspension Systems / Trim / Accessories

All Armstrong ceiling suspension systems, trim and accessories are made of galvanized steel and aluminum featuring a minimum of 30% recycled content with options for as high as 63%. Our suspension systems are durable and rust-resistant for extended life-cycle use, and the first in the industry to be seismically tested for safety.

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DC FlexZone™ Suspension System

The DC FlexZone suspension system promotes energy savings by offering the ability to distribute safe, low-voltage direct current (DC) power within its main beam structure based on the EMerge Alliance 24 VDC Occupied Space Standard. This unique energy distribution system improves flexibility and reuse of interior spaces.

DC FlexZone™ Suspension System


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