The Benefits of a Continuous Ceiling: Reduced Energy Costs

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The use of both a high light reflectant ceiling and a return air plenum can reduce energy use.

High Light Reflectant Ceilings

  • The increased light reflectance of a suspended ceiling can have a very positive impact on the lighting and HVAC energy use of a building.
  • Suspended ceilings typically provide a light reflectance of at least 70% while open plenum designs usually have a light reflectance around 50%.
  • The higher light reflectance achieved by a suspended ceiling allows for a reduced number of lighting fixtures.  This, in turn, lowers the heat load on the HVAC cooling system.

Return Air Plenum

  • The use of a return air plenum with low static pressures and fan horsepower instead of a ducted air return with higher static pressures and fan horsepower can reduce energy costs.
  • A suspended ceiling with a return air plenum is more effective in removing the heat generated by lighting, thereby reducing the air conditioning load on the space.
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