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Armstrong Stucco, Plaster and EIFS systems are engineered to get you on and off the job faster, easier, better. Main beams and cross tees are pre-engineered with additional rout locations to allow for easy Type “F” light fixture installations, access panels and air diffusers.  Additionally, they provide the same performance benefits as our standard drywall grid systems:

  • PeakForm® patented profile for increased strength and stability
  • SuperLock™ main beam clip is engineered for a strong secure connection and fast accurate alignment confirmed with an audible click
  • ScrewStop™ reverse hem prevents screw spin off
  • Rotary stitching provides greater torsional strength and stability
  • G90 hot dipped galvanized coating is available for exterior plaster and stucco applications (HD8906G90, XL8945PG90, XL8947PG90, XL8925G90, XL8926G90, XL7936G90, SP135)

Reduce the Risk

Our systems are tested and engineered to be code compliant:*

  • Meet ASTM C635, C645, C841, C842 and C926
  • Installation per ASTM C636, C754 and C1063
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-1289
  • Department of State Architect – DSA PA105
  • City of LA – RR 25348
  • Complies with wind uplift compliance: Miami/Dade Broward County, Florida NOA
    #07-0119-02 – 03/17/14
  • Complies with hurricane and impact compliance: Miami/Dade Broward County, Florida NOA
    #09-0512.02 - 10/07/14

*Consult local codes for specific requirements

SP135 Stucco Main is the faster solution for framing stucco ceilings

  • 13-1/2" rout hole spacing complies with ASTM C1063, table 4
  • Allows the use of 3.4 lb. diamond mesh flat lath which improves safety and economics
  • Pre-drilled holes in grid face provide extra plaster keying areas
  • Pre-drilled holes in face provide extra lath tying locations, eliminating the need to field punch holes
  • Additional routs eliminate additional measuring, marking and tying required with traditional framing systems

New Control and Expansion Joints

  • Armstrong is the only manufacturer to offer aluminum, 100% zinc and galvanized control and expansion joints.
  • Single source of supply for all required framing members
  • Meet ASTM requirements (Aluminum: E331; Vinyl: D256, D638, D696, D790, D1784, D4216, D648160, C1063; Zinc & Galvanized: C645, C955)
  • Work with any of our Stucco, Plaster, EIFS and Drywall Systems

Control Joints
Control joints need to be installed to delineate areas not more than 100 sq. ft. for all horizontal applications, that is, ceilings, curves or angle type structures. The distance between control joints shall not exceed 18 ft. in either direction or a length-to-width ratio of 2-1/2 to 1. Control joints are also used to minimize stresses in monolithic ceiling membrane that occurs at columns, access doors, light fixtures, inside and outside corners and other unusual penetrations in ceilings.

Expansion Joints
Ceiling expansion joints are installed to separate the metal suspension system when expansion joints occur in buildings, or when metal changes direction. Expansion joints are required to separate a system in T, H, I, and U or circle shaped buildings to eliminate cracking from expansion.

Control Joint

Expansion Joint


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