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What’s Old Is New Again: Ceiling-2-Ceiling High Post-Consumer Recycled Content

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Introducing… the industry’s first and only program offering ceilings made with post-consumer content reclaimed as part of our closed-loop manufacturing process. What once was old is new again as reclaimed ceilings become our post-consumer content in new ceilings.

The Armstrong Ceiling-2-Ceiling program offers: 

  • the industry’s highest level of recycled content from a closed loop, post-consumer process
  • the only ceilings made from reclaimed ceilings

LEED® Contribution
Ceiling-2-Ceiling items deliver a higher MRc4 LEED post-consumer percentage than comparable products.

Which items are Ceiling-2-Ceiling items?
Right now, items are offered in the Ultima®, Dune ™ and Cirrus® families. Look for the Ceiling-2-Ceiling icon indicating that item is made from reclaimed ceilings.

Ceiling-2-Ceiling high post-consumer recycled content items include:


  • Square Lay-in: 2' x 2' item 1910HRC and 2' x 4' item 1913HRC
  • Tegular: 2' x 2' item 1912HRC and 2' x 4' item 1915HRC
  • Beveled Tegular: 2' x 2' item 1911HRC and 2' x 4' item 1914HRC


  • Square Lay-in: 2' x 4' item 1773HRC
  • Beveled Tegular: 2' x 2' item 1775HRC
  • Angled Tegular: 2' x 2' item 1774HRC and 2' x 4' item 1776HRC


  • Square Lay-in: 2' x 2' item 574HRC and 2' x 4' item 533HRC
  • Tegular: 2' x 2' item 589HRC and 2' x 4' item 539HRC
  • Angled Tegular: 2' x 2' item 584HRC and 2' x 4' item 535HRC

Grow this program with us!
The more old ceilings you recycle, the more options we can offer. We hit a milestone in November - 100,000,000 square feet of recycled tiles. We’re proud that we’ve been able, with your help, to reclaim ceilings from renovation projects and take them back to our factories and make them into new ceilings.  


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