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Continuing Education

Innovative Approaches for Powering Low Energy Buildings

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Flexible by Design: Innovative Approaches for Powering Low Energy Buildings [1 LU]

This one-hour seminar provides insight into the trend toward net zero energy buildings and its impact on your design strategies.  An overview of industry goals and standards related to energy use in buildings will be provided and applied to existing buildings as well as new construction.  Non-technical descriptions of hybrid powered buildings and direct-current (DC) power distribution will be covered along with client needs ranging from reconfiguration flexibility to integration of renewable energy sources.  Attendees will also discuss practical applications that blend energy efficiency and effective design using case studies.  

AIA Program Number:  11DCFZ
USGBC Program Number: 0090007245

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Flexible by Design: Innovative Approaches for Powering Low Energy Buildings (PDF)

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