TechZone Ceiling Systems

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Organized. Simple. Clean. The industry’s first easy-to-specify-and-install ceiling solution with integrated technical services is available from Armstrong.

Lyra™ Lay-in and Tegular TechZone Systems Lyra Technical Panels
Calla™ Lay-in and Tegular Calla field panels coordinate with MetalWorks Technical Panels.
WoodWorks® Tegular TechZone WoodWorks®
MetalWorks™ Tegular TechZone MetalWorks™
Optima® Lay-in and Tegular TechZone Optima® Technical Panels
Ultima® Lay-in and Tegular;
Ultima® Create!™
TechZone Ultima® Technical Panels

Benefits of TechZone

  • Standard components create a custom look
  • Coordinated fit and finish across ceilings, suspension systems, light fixtures, air diffusers, air returns, and chilled beams from industry partners
  • Components integrate with standard, pre-engineered Axiom® Building Perimeter System, Axiom Classic and Transitions, Drywall Grid and Perimeter solutions
  • Now a wider choice of field panel sizes accommodating building module and technical zone on-center spacing requirements
  • As always, excellent performance attributes that you look for in a ceiling system

TechZone Partners

Specify technical fixtures with confidence for TechZone Ceiling Systems. We've teamed with industry leaders in lighting, air diffusers, fire protection, and chilled beams. Because of this, you're assured of fit and finish, and there's no need to research fixture compatibility for your ceiling layout. Look for the Armstrong "TechZone Ceiling Systems-compatible" signature on partner websites and literature.


Select from a variety of linear LED fixtures in continuous and non-continuous layouts, and now, Vector® edge detail.

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Chilled Beams

Chilled beams are an energy efficient way to cool spaces using piped chilled water. TechZone System-compatible chilled beam fixtures are narrower than standard chilled beams, and can now be neatly integrated into our 12" wide technical panel for a more pleasing visual.

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Sleek linear diffusers for air supply and return are available in both 4" and 6" wide options.

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Flexible Sprinkler

Flexible sprinkler systems meet fire protection standards with the added value of requiring less installation time.

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