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Ceiling systems which are more durable and damage-resistant, in addition to those that have various levels of cleanability, minimize the need for frequent replacement and disposal.

  Abuse Resistance

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 Falling Ball Impact Test  (Modified ASTM D 1037 Procedure)

Ceilings in areas like school corridors or gymnasiums need to withstand abuse, including surface impact.  The Falling Ball Impact Test evaluates a ceiling's impact resistance.

(left: These photos show the excellent impact resistance of Tundra versus a less impact-resistant ceiling.)


 Hess Rake Test

In any areas where lay-in ceiling panels frequently need to be removed for plenum access, surface scratch resistance is highly desirable.  The Hess Rake Test evaluates surface scratch resistance.

[left: These photos show the excellent scratch resistance of Ultima (with its DuraBrite surface) versus a competitive fine texture ceiling.]


Minimize Damage

Downward access for Vector panels minimizes panel damage from hanger wires and other obstructions. See products with Vector™ edge detail, pages 35, 36, 55, 56, 131-134, 159-160.



 Simulated Supply Air Diffuser Soiling Test

Dirt accumulation not only detracts from a ceiling's appearance, but can cost money by requiring painting or replacement of the ceiling.  In addition to reducing acoustical efficiency, soiling can cause a substantial reduction in light reflectance.  Most Armstrong Hi-LR ceilings provide excellent soil resistance for lasting value and performance.
The Simulated Supply Air Diffuser Soiling Test evaluates this soil-resistant property.

(left: These photos show the excellent soil resistance of Ultima versus a competitive fine texture ceiling.)


 Washability Test (ASTM D 4828)
Ceilings installed in laboratories, clean rooms, food preparation areas, and other sanitary applications are required to meet washability standards.  The Washability Test evaluates a ceiling's ability to withstand washing.

(left: These photos show the superior washability of Fine Fissured with VPO versus a standard ceiling.)


  Scrubbability Test (ASTM D 2486)
Ceilings installed in laboratories, clean rooms and food preparation areas are required to meet scrubbability standards - and, sometimes, other specific criteria.  The Scrubbability test evaluates a ceiling's ability to withstand scrubbing.

(left: These photos show the excellent scrubbability of VL versus a less scrubbable ceiling.)




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