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Answers to your most common questions about clean room ceilings.

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How do I determine which material is appropriate for my applications in a clean room environment?

Application Material
• Laboratories 15/16" Steel
• Pharmaceutical facilities 15/16" Steel
• Automotive & aerospace 15/16" Steel
• Computer rooms 15/16" Steel
• Data centers 15/16" Steel
• MRI (non-magnetic environment) 15/16" Aluminum
• Hospitals 15/16" Aluminum or Steel
• Food processing facilities 15/16" Aluminum or Steel
• High-tech manufacturing 15/16" Aluminum or Steel
• Spaces utilizing HEPA filters 15/16" Aluminum

When Particles Matter – Clean Room Systems

How do the ISO/TC209 clean room class ratings compare to the Federal Standard 209E clean room class ratings?
ISO/TC209 clean room class ratings have replaced the Federal Standard 209E ratings. ISO/TC209 is based on metric measurements versus Federal Standard 209E which is based on imperial measurements.

See comparison chart:
  3 1
  4 10
  5 100
  6 1,000
  7 10,000
  8 100,000

What do the clean room class ratings mean?
The classes, according to ISO/TC209 14644-1, are a level of airborne particulate cleanliness. A Class 5 means that less than 3,520 particles (0.5 microns in size) are present per cubic meter, which equals 100 particles per cubic foot. A Class 6 indicates less than 35,200 particles per cubic meter. The higher the class number, the more particles present.

What products do we recommend for clean room applications?
CLEAN ROOM FL, CLEAN ROOM VL, Health Zone OPTIMA and Health Zone ULTIMA non-perforated ceilings, installed on 1-1/2" or 15-16" Co-Extruded Aluminum Grid (now available in steel as well) with factory applied gasketing are recommended for Class 5-8 clean room applications. PVC hold down clips are available but not required for clean room performance. Clean rooms Class 4 or less usually require 100% Hepa filter installations.

For a clean room application, do I need to seal my panels into the grid?
We recommend a PVC hold down clip to insure a good seal but the hold down clip is not required for clean room performance ISO Class 5 or higher when using the Co-extruded Aluminum and Steel Clean Room grid system.

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