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It's our goal to reduce our environmental footprint.

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At Armstrong, protecting our planet is synonymous with good business. The Armstrong GreenPrint is our commitment to sustainability. We focus on the areas that are important to you, our customers.

Our sustainability program has a three-pronged focus:

  1. To decrease the environmental footprint of our operations and our key suppliers through energy reduction, responsible water management and waste reduction
  2. To drive continued innovation focused on the development and delivery of products which contribute to more sustainable buildings
  3. To be a responsible partner in the communities where we operate

Take a look at our achievements so far and the work that lies ahead.

The Armstrong GreenPrint is our roadmap for integrating sustainability into all aspects of our business – People, Product and Process. It is built around what you, our customers, say is important!

Our Focus is in these Five Areas:

Environmental Footprint

Reducing our Environmental Footprint – operations and product

Health & Well Being

Enhancing the health and wellbeing of spaces by contributing to occupant’s learning, healing and productivity

Material Transparency

Being transparent in how we make our products, what goes into them, their impact on the environment

Building Efficiency

Creating innovative solutions for building efficiency to save energy, labor and increase flexibility of spaces

End of Life - Recycling

Providing a closed loop recycling program to return old ceilings at the end of their useful life to Armstrong for use in new products

Sustainability is built into our thinking and everything we do.


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