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identifies Fire Guard ceilings.  Use only Fire Guard products for Fire-Rated assemblies.

Main Runner Expansion Relief

Fire Guard Ceilings
Specially fomulated to provide enhanced resistance against structural failure.
Fire Guard Suspension Systems
Patented expansion reliefs to help maintain the structural integrity of the ceiling.
Armstrong Fire Guard Products:
 Include specially formulated ceilings in a variety of textures
 Are the only Armstrong products approved for UL assemblies
 Include specially designed suspension systems

Local building codes, which require fire-safe construction for many building applications, rely on two ratings to evaluate compliance:
 Flame spread rating of material
 Fire-resistance rating of a construction assembly

These ratings are based on ASTM standards, and compliance is determined by several independent, nongovernmental testing services such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Flame spread and fire-resistance ratings are two separate issues, and they must be addressed independently in selection and specification.

Selecting the Right UL Fire-Rated Assembly
1.  Establish the hourly rating needed to meet code requirements
2.  Determine the existing or planned building elements, including structural, mechanical, electrical and finish materials, in the fire-rated assembly.
3.  Refer to UL Fire Resistive Ceiling Assemblies for additional information, or contact TechLine (877-ARMSTRONG) for assistance.