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MetalWorks Capz

MetalWorks Capz panels feature ExpanTech technology for larger panel sizes with 10 times less deflection than standard large-size metal panels. 4’ x 4’ panels are durable -- washable, scrubbable, impact-, and soil-resistant. They can be installed as close as 2-3/4" from deck to panel face, as far as 6-1/2" between deck and panel face, or suspended off wires at desired ceiling elevation. Perforated panels can enhance acoustical performance.

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Optima & Spectra Capz

The sleek Optima Capz system pairs Capz accent hardware with the exceptional acoustical benefits of fine-textured OPTIMA ceiling panels. This unique combination gives you the opportunity to improve acoustics by about 50% with only 20% coverage of the available area, resulting in a sound acoustical solution that gives you the look you want now without noise problems that can follow.

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Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Press Room

Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Press Room

Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Press Room

Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Press Room

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Put a Cap on Exposed Structure Noise

Put a Cap on Exposed Structure Noise Capz™ Ceiling Systems provide outstanding noise reduction in exposed structure spaces at a surprisingly reasonable cost. The innovative combination of Capz easy-to-install accent hardware and large, fine-textured Optima® panels can...

Sound Advice for Higher Education

...can have excellent acoustics and aesthetics in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available in standard and custom ceiling systems-- including WoodWorks®, MetalWorks®, Formations™, and Capz™ direct-attach panels. Explore the many options for renovation, retrofit, and new construction.

Commercial Ceilings Installation Information

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