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Axiom - Building Perimeters

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Axiom - Building Perimeters Axiom Perimeter Trim



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Key Features

Material: Extruded Aluminum
Surface Finish: Baked polyester paint
Profile Type: Perimeter Trim
Cross Tee/Main Beam Interface: Flush fit


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Item # Description Length Face/Width Height
6in Axiom Vector Straight      

Perimeter Trim 

Item # Description Length Face/Width Height

More Info
4" Field Face Plate 120 IN 5-7/16 IN 3/4 IN
No Pocket Acoustical,1-1/4" flange 120 IN 1-1/4 IN 2-11/16 IN
No Pocket Acoustical,3/4" flange 120 IN 3/4 IN 2-11/16 IN
No Pocket Drywall taping flange 3/8" reveal 120 IN 1-3/16 IN 3-7/16 IN

More Info
No Pocket Drywall Taping Flange 120 IN 7/8 IN 2-11/16 IN

More Info
Wall Clip with Hook for Closure Plate 120 IN 2-5/16 IN 3/4 IN

End Cap 

Item # Description Length Face/Width Height

More Info
Axiom Building Perimeters End Plate for AXP255      


Item # Description Length Face/Width Height

More Info
Drywall Bottom Trim Straight 120 IN 1-9/64 IN 55/64 IN

More Info
Axiom Paired Adaptor Plate      
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Axiom® Building Perimeters

Axiom Pockets - Building Perimeter System Overview
Take a moment to watch this great overview of our Axiom perimeter pocket system (Axiom Building Perimeter System) that will save you time, material & labor on your next project.
Watch Video

The Axiom® Building Perimeter System allows you to regain aesthetic control at the building perimeter. This perimeter solution accommodates the transition between the interior of a building's perimeter and the ceiling plane. It is a pre-engineered solution that integrates multiple functions:
  • Drapery pockets
  • Air distribution
  • Changes in ceiling elevation

New shade pocket options
Six new "no pocket" reveal solutions provide custom shade pocket looks for acoustical, drywall, or face plate integration. New custom size double shade pocket options are available featuring custom breakform pockets with reveal extrusions attached.

Seismic Solutions
For markets or projects that require seismic compliance, we now offer a complete line of pockets, diffuser face plates, extensions and clips designed for seismic installations.

Design Options

  • 3-sided pocket with acoustical/drywall transitions on two sides allows the ability to pull the pocket concept into the interior of a ceiling layout to organize cutouts, lighting details, or as a unique design element.

  • AXIOM wall clip allows the use of a diffuser face plate at the perimeter of an interior or exterior wall without a pocket.

The isometric drawing below details the Axiom Building Perimeter System seen in the photo above.

View Axiom Building Perimeters


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