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4in x 60in Rectilinear Panel

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Optima Lay-In and Tegular

Optima Lay-In and Tegular
Smooth textured Optima provides excellent acoustical absorption, light reflectance and durability including impact, scratch and soil resistance. Optima is available in more standard sizes than any other product in the Armstrong portfolio including large size and trapezoidal panels. Custom sized optima is also available! 1 1/2" and 2" items are available which provide superior acoustical absorption. Foil Backed, Improved CAC items are available for areas where sound blocking is important. Items with a plant based binder are available for projects where sustainability is key. Optima panels are light weight, offer HumiGuard+ no sag performance, are resistant to surface growth of mold and mildew and can be recycled at the end of their usable life. Optima panels are compatible with standard suspension system and Axiom perimeter trim items - factory curved panels for use in standard Formations clouds are available. Optima is available in solid colors and custom images via Create! technology. For a semi-concealed visual see Optima Vector. Optima Capz, Soundscapes Products, Ultima, Ultima Vector and Tierra are all visually compatible with Optima. See OptimaHealthZone for washable, water repellent panels with a smooth textured visual. Optima wall panels are also available.

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Item # Shape/Edge Dimensions Color Acoustics
Shape: Panel
Edge: Square Tegular 9/16IN
60IN x 4IN

NRC: 0.95
AC: 190

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