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Formations Acoustical & Accent Clouds

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Shape: Panel
Edge: Vector
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Shape: Panel
Edge: Vector
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Shape: Panel
Edge: Vector

Formations™ Acoustical & Accent Clouds with Axiom®

Specify and Build with Formations
Learn how easy it is to specify and install Formations Acoustical & Accent clouds.

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Make a bold statement in signature areas without the hassle, cost, and risk associated with custom installations. Whether you choose standard or custom, the grid, trim, and hanging components come pre-cut and ready to go - in a kit! Panels are ordered and shipped separately.

Acoustical absorbency in an easy-to-specify and install kit.

  • Ideal for exposed structure areas to reduce reverberation time, reduce noise levels, and increase speech intelligibility
  • Clouds appear to float and provide a clean, contemporary look
  • Perimeter trim is cut to size and includes factory-mitered corners, precision joinery, and an assured fit and finish of materials

Now Larger Formations Curves Circles in 10', 12', 14' Sizes
Now you can specify large format Formations Curves Circles cloud kits available in 2", 4" and 5" Axiom Vector trim with Optima® & Ultima®Vector Panels.

Staggered and Plank Design Options
Squares and Rectangles in staggered and plank designs with Optima® Vector® acoustical panels.

Standard Options
Choose from one of our standard curves or squares kits using Ultima® or Optima® panels, or add a little extra dimension with Infusions® translucent or MetalWorks Mesh™ panels. Clouds are available with Prelude® grid in 6' diameter circles, up to 14' x 14' Rounded Squares, or 6' x 6' to 14' x 14' Squares.

Custom Options
Customize square clouds to fit your space. Download the guidelines to create any size cloud with your choice of trim, grid, and panels.

Need help finding the right kit? We’ll guide you through the selection process. At the end, you can save your project and print out a system specification and customized bill of materials.


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