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Ultima Lay-In and Tegular

Ultima Lay-In and Tegular
Smooth textured Ultima provides excellent acoustical absorption, light reflectance and durability including impact, scratch and soil resistance. Ultima High-NRC items are available. Ultima panels offer HumiGuard+ no sag performance, are resistant to surface growth of mold and mildew and can be recycled at the end of their usable life. Ultima panels are compatible with standard suspension system and Axiom perimeter trim items. Ultima 2x2 panels are available in solid colors and custom images via Create! technology. For a semi-concealed visual see Ultima Vector. Optima, Optima Vector, Optima Capz, Soundscapes Products, and Tierra are all visually compatible with Ultima. See Ultima HealthZone for washable, water repellant panels with a smooth textured visual.

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Item # Shape/Edge Dimensions Color Acoustics
More Info
Shape: Panel
Edge: Square Lay-In
60IN x 6IN
NRC: 0.70
CAC: 35
More Info
Shape: Panel
Edge: Beveled Tegular
60IN x 6IN
NRC: 0.70
CAC: 35


With Ultima, you can carry a monolithic, fine-textured visual consistently into different parts of your building – from corridors to offices to classrooms – with performance attributes suited to the needs of your particular spaces. Ultima's sister product, Optima®, is the ideal choice for Open Plan areas.

Most Ultima ceilings feature a fine textured, non-directional DuraBrite™ surface for increased durability and superior light reflectance. The washable, impact-resistant surface resists scratches, minimizing the need for frequent panel replacement. It also makes the panels more resistant to HVAC soiling.

Ultima ceiling panels are available in a variety of standard, non-standard and custom sizes. When paired with an Armstrong suspension system Ultima ceiling panels are backed by the Armstrong 30-year System Performance Guarantee. In addition, Ultima ceilings contain up to 80% recycled content and provide excellent sound absorption; NRC (0.70-0.80) and CAC (35-40).

Choose the a customized version of Ultima that best suits your needs:

Ultima with AirGuard™, a revolutionary breakthrough to actively remove formaldehyde in buildings.

Ultima® Create!™ customize your Ultima panels with one of a kind images or custom colors to complement your project design.

Ultima High-NRC perfect for areas where acoustical absorption paired with acoustical blocking characteristics are desired.

Acoustics Demo – Optima® & Ultima® Ceilings

Have you ever wondered the impact of ceilings on the acoustics in your space? Watch this acoustical demonstration to hear how Optima or Ultima® could impact acoustics on your next project. Hear the difference!

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