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Drywall Grid System

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Drywall Grid System Drywall Grid Systems



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Key Features

Material: Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel
Surface Finish: Unpainted
Face Dimension: 1-1/2IN
Profile Type: Drywall/Stucco/Plaster
Seismic Rating: DEF
Fire Resistance Rating: Fire resistive when used in approved UL Designs.
End Detail - Main Beam: Coupling, Staked-on clip, Staked-on clip (SuperLock)
End Detail - Cross Tee: Staked-on clip (XL)
Cross Tee/Main Beam Interface: Flush fit
Reports: ESR-1289
Colors: Unpainted, White


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Main Beam 

Item # Description Length Face/Width Height Hanger Spacing
Drywall Furring MB      
Drywall Grid MB for IIC Sound Isolation      

More Info
12ft HD Drywall Main Beam 144 IN 1-1/2 IN 1-11/16 IN 18.76 PLF
12ft HD Drywall Main Beam Faceted 144 IN 1-1/2 IN 1-11/16 IN
12ft HD Drywall Main Beam Faceted 144 IN 1-1/2 IN 1-11/16 IN
12ft HD Drywall Main Beam 144 IN 1-1/2 IN 1-1/2 IN 18.76 PLF
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Drywall Grid System

Armstrong Drywall Grid vs. Track & Channel Timelapse Comparison

Armstrong Drywall Grid is 3X faster than traditional Track & Channel framing. Watch the timelapse comparision video and see for yourself.

Watch Video

Save time and reduce material and labor costs compared to traditional installation methods.  Our Drywall Grid Systems are engineered to get you on and off the job faster, easier, better.

Armstrong Drywall
Grid System
Traditional Framing System
Engineered to maintain precise module spacing through manufactured rout locations, this grid system saves time, labor and money. Track and channel construction requires labor-intensive cutting, tying and spacing.

Reduce the Risk
Our systems are tested and engineered to be code compliant:*

  • Meet ASTM C635 and C645
  • Installation per ASTM C636 and C754
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-1289
  • Department of State Architect – DSA PA105
  • City of LA – RR 25348

*Consult local codes for specific requirements 

  Impact Isolation Clip for Drywall Grid Systems
  • Cost effective sound isolation performance for drywall ceiling installations.
  • Fast and easy to install;
  • Our new Impact Isolation Clip integrates with the new HD8906IIC main beam to help you ensure your drywall ceiling installations meet IBC requirements for IIC (Impact Insulation Class).
6' DGS Cross Tees Speed Installations and Reduce Material Costs

  • 6' spacing on mains results in cost savings of 10-15% by reducing material, hanger wire and installation time
  • Supports up to 2 layers of gypsum board (see 6' Tee DGS Technical Guide for load and wire spacing info.
  • Extra rout holes to accommodate F-Type Light Fixtures
  • G40, .018" metal thickness meets ASTM C645
  • UL Fire Rated
Easily Create Any Curve

  • Simplify your curved drywall installations with our pre-notched main beams (HD8906F08 and HD8906F16) to create the radius you need
  • RC2 Clip allows you to quickly customize our pre-notched main beams to suit any curved radius
  • Design flexibility gives you  control so you’re not limited to a manufactured radius
  • Easily create all your curved grid on the ground or at the shop and make installation faster on the scaffolding
New Control and Expansion Joints

Control Joint

Expansion Joint

  • Armstrong is the only manufacturer to offer aluminum, 100% zinc and galvanized control and expansion joints
  • Single source of supply for all required framing members
  • Meet ASTM requirements (Aluminum: E331; Vinyl: D256, D638, D696, D790, D1784, D4216, D648160, C1063; Zinc & Galvanized: C645, C955)
  • Work with any of our Stucco, Plaster, EIFS and Drywall Systems



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