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Axiom - Transitions

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Axiom - Transitions Axiom Perimeter Trim



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Key Features

Material: Extruded Aluminum
Surface Finish: Baked polyester paint
Profile Type: Perimeter Trim
Cross Tee/Main Beam Interface: Flush fit


Potential LEED Credit Area Contribution
MR Credit 2.1, 2.2 Construction Waste Management
MR Credit 4.1, 4.2 Recycled Content
MR Credit 5.1, 5.2 Regional Materials
Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program
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Item # Description Length Face/Width Height
2in Axiom Transitions Curved 120 IN   2 IN
2in Axiom Transitions Straight 120 IN   2 IN
4in Axiom Transitions Curved 120 IN   4 IN
4in Axiom Transitions Straight White 120 IN   4 IN
6in Axiom Transitions Curved 120 IN   6 IN
6in Axiom Transitions Straight 120 IN   6 IN
8in Axiom Transitions Straight 120 IN   8 IN
Aciom Transition Tegular Curved 120 IN   2-9/16 IN
Axiom Transitions Tegular Straight 120 IN   2-9/16 IN
Axiom Transitions Vector Straight 120 IN   2-9/16 IN

Inside Corner 

Item # Description Length Face/Width Height
2" Axiom Transitions Inside Corner      
4" Axiom Transitions Inside Corner      
6" Axiom Transitions Inside Corner      
8in Axiom Transitions Inside Corner      


Item # Description Length Face/Width Height
Axiom Splice Plate      

More Info
Drywall Bottom Trim Straight 120 IN 1-9/64 IN 55/64 IN

More Info
Axiom Grid Connector Clip      

Outside Corner 

Item # Description Length Face/Width Height
2" Axiom Transitions Outside Corner      
4" Axiom Transitions Outside Corner      
6" Axiom Transitions Outside Corner      
8in Axiom Transitions Outside Corner      
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Axiom® Transitions

Axiom Transitions Trim is an aluminum extrusion designed to create a smooth transition between drywall and suspended ceilings (mineral fiber, metal or wood).

  • New Transitions accommodate Acoustical to Acoustical, Acoustical to Drywall, Drywall to Drywall and Drywall to Acoustical height transitions of 2", 4", 6" and 8"
  • New 2", 4" and 6" Transitions can be curved (minimum bend radius 36")
  • Compatible with Armstrong suspension systems and Drywall Grid Systems
  • Extruded aluminum trim provides crisp edge detail compared to conventional roll-formed steel systems

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