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SoundScapes Acoustical Canopies

SoundScapes Acoustical Canopies aesthetically define spaces and enhance acoustics. Hill and valley shapes are available in multiple sizes and a wide variety of standard colors; custom colors also available. Canopies are adjustable to special heights and have embedded flush-mounted hardware system for a clean look.

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SoundScapes Basics

SoundScapes Basics aesthetically define spaces and enhance acoustics. Flat and a Hill/Valley shape are available with easy to install spiral anchor hardware included right in the box.

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SoundScapes Blades

Sleek, linear design paired with excellent acoustical absorption make Soundscapes Blades a unique way to define your space. Blades are available in rectangular standard sizes and several standard colors; custom colors also available. Suspend Blades from a traditional 15/16" Prelude XL suspension system, or hang indivdually, like baffles. Blades are approved for use in Seismic areas. Panels include factory embedded clip hardware, but suspension system components and hanging cables must be specified and ordered seperately.

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SoundScapes Shapes

SoundScapes Shapes Acoustical Clouds can be hung individually or in innovative configurations from ceilings or walls to help silence a space and define an area. Ten standard flat panel shapes are available in fourteen colors, plus you can design your own custom shape with our design template. Seismic-approved Shapes are easy to install from a deck, through a ceiling, directly attached to drywall, on a standard suspension system, or on a wall.

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Infusions Sheets

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Armstrong Commercial Ceilings Case Studies - Healthcare

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Warranty Information

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SoundScapes CAD Drawings - Armstrong

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Open-Minded Acoustics

Open-Minded Acoustics SoundScapes® Shapes Acoustical Clouds offer creative design options that just might open your mind to new ways of reducing noise in open plan and open plenum environments. In fact, a single cloud, placed just where you need...


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