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Serpentina Waves


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La Información Sobre la Instalación

...Nubes Curves™ Infusions™ Accent Canopies - Instrucciones de Ensamble e Instalación Serpentina Sistema de Tes Semioculto - Instrucciones de Instalación SERPENTINA™ Waves - Instrucciones de Instalación Serpentina Vault - Instrucciones de Instalación SERPENTINA™ Sistema de Platfon Tridimensional - Instrucciones de Instalación SoundScapes Blades - Instrucciones de...

Acoustics - Recommended Products

...Panels* Ultima High-NRCCirrus High-NRCFine Fissured High-NRCi-ceilings Speaker Panels* UltimaCirrusMesaFine Fissured High Acousticsi-ceilings Speaker Panels* * available for all Optima, Ultima, and TechZone products. EXPOSED STRUCTURE Optima CapzFormations Squares and CurvesSoundscapes Canopies and ShapesSerpentina Waves Curved Clouds

Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Press Room

...Assistance Service, Marks Twenty Years of Customer Support Armstrong Family of Blades™ Vertical Elements Now Includes Two, New Linear Wave Designs Smooth, White Lyra™ Ceilings from Armstrong Offer Drywall-Like Visual in 17 Standard Panel Sizes New Colorations™ Ceiling System...

Armstrong Commercial Ceilings - CAD Drawings

...Components Drywall Center Spline Light Coves Main Beam Panels Perimeter Semi-Concealed Single Sections Soffit Split Vault Tangent Installation Waves in Kits Waves Non-kits Metaphors® CAD Drawings Infusions® Accent Canopies CAD Drawings TechZone™ Reflected Ceiling PlanHatches Metal Technical Panels...

Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Press Room

...Grid Interface for Seamless Integration into Ceiling Designs Vector® Ceilings from Armstrong Impart Upscale Look in Retrofit Applications Serpentina® Waves™ Curved Metal Ceiling System From Armstrong Now Offered With Corrugated Panels Armstrong Recycling Programs Merit Pennsylvania Waste Watcher Awards Armstrong...

2013 i2r Ceiling Bonus Winner

...through an overlooking lounge. The system wraps the lounge entrance on the upper floor completing the look. Armstrong Serpentina Waves are installed as an accent to the monitors at each lane. ARMSTRONG PRODUCTS USED MetalWorks™ Linear™ PanelsSerpentina® Waves™ YEAR COMPLETED...

Serpentina Waves in a Kit CAD Drawings

Serpentina Waves in a Kit CAD Drawings To save the .pdf or .dwg files below, right click on the link and select "Save Target As" Hill 4' x 4' DWGHill 4' x 4' PDFValley 4' x 4' DWGValley 4' x...

Armstrong Commercial Ceilings - Seismic, Standard & Custom CAD Drawings Library

...IBC Category C IBC Category D, E, F Seismic Perimeter Details Seismic Joint Clip Bracing & Restraint Basic Layouts Serpentina® Waves Waves in Kits Waves Non-kits Axiom® - BuildingPerimeter System Pockets Extensions Face Plates Closure Clips Slotted Diffusers Formations™ Curves Squares...

Maintenance Information

...close up the perforations or fissures in the material. It is through these openings in the surface that sound waves enter the body of the acoustical material and are absorbed. Care should be taken that these perforations are not clogged...

Serpentina Waves Installation Video

Serpentina Waves Installation Video commercial ceilings, sepentina waves RESOURCES Data Page Brochure Installation Instructions Build a Specification Other Videos

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