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Keep used ceilings out of landfill.

Recycle them and be part of "Save The Ceilings!"

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Male Speaker: Did you know that 72% of construction wastes from your projects goes to the landfill? And only 28% is recycled or reused? But everyone young and old can do their part to change this. My future and your future depends on it. We need to rely on you, architects and designers, contractors and building owners, to make decision that have a positive impact. Female Speaker: Construction waste management continues to become more important. And recycling ceiling that have reached their end of their useful life can be part of that. Recycling used ceiling reduces the impact from all phases of production, saving working materials, water, energy and green house gasses. It also saves landfill wastes and fees and avoids increased emissions at landfills. For your projects, recycling contributes to lead credits and increases diversion rates. Recycling your used ceilings is part of an Armstrong closed loop process that turns them into post-consumer recycled content for a new ceiling. Imagine the impact. Wait. We can look at some real result from an actual project. My school recycled 100,000 square feet of ceiling panels. Here's the difference it made. The project saved 70,000 pounds of landfill wastes as much as 35,000 old tires. 35,000 gallons of portable water enough to fill a thousand bath tubs. 700,000 pounds of virgin materials as much as 54,000 bowling balls. 134,500 kilowatt hours of electricity enough to power 140 homes for a month. And eliminated 32,000 kilograms of green house gas. The equivalent of driving around the world twice. And that was just 1 school project. Female Speaker2: Imagine the difference you can make with a larger job or multiple projects. Specify ceiling recycling or develop a construction waste management plan before your next project. It's 4 steps from there. First, register by calling the Armstrong recycling center toll free at 844-Armstrong. Next, review building and material requirements for the recycling center and get your job approved. Then, coordinate the removal of all the old ceiling tiles using either pallets or container and finally call to arrange a pick-up. That's it! 4 steps. Male Speaker 2: We've been recycling for over a decade. So partner with us to save the ceilings. Whatever your part is in the process from specifying recycling to developing a waste plan or scheduling a pick-up for removal. Everyone plays a part to increase the virgin rates. Without you, without recycling, old ceilings go in to a landfill. So save the ceilings. Together we can make a difference.
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Save the Ceilings

Help us “Save The Ceilings”. Watch our short video about recycling ceilings and learn how to recycle in only four steps.


Help us "Save The Ceilings." Watch our short video about recycling ceilings and learn how to recycle in only four steps.


Recycle used ceiling tiles or send them to the landfill.



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