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Sahara dB - View Details
Mineral - Core Line

Item # Dimensions (mm) Edge Detail Grid (mm) Alpha w Dnfw*
Recycled Content (%)
600 x 600 x 19 MicroLook BE 15 0.60 39 61%

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Wood MicroLook 8 - View Details
Wood - Design

Item # Design Edge Detail Grid (mm) Colour Surface
Plain MicroLook 15 Ash (ASH) Wood veneer
Plain MicroLook 15 US Cherry (CHE) Wood veneer
Plain MicroLook 15 Oak (OAK) Wood veneer
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* Some products may have Dncw values published. These are valid although Dnfw, which is essentially the same as Dncw, has superseded it. For further information on the acoustic performance of Armstrong products please contact our Armstrong Technical Sales.