Metal Lay-In Bioguard with acoustic fleece


Armstrong Bioguard products can be cleaned, disinfected and prevent the build-up of virulent strains of bacteria, moulds and yeasts. Especially suitable for use on plain tiles where the end use requires the highest standards of hygiene, such as in hospitals or food preparation areas. Fully accessible and demountable metal panels with a wide choice of edge details to complement Armstrong's range of exposed suspension systems. Provided with an acoustical fleece fitted to the Armstrong metal ceiling tiles to enhance sound absorption.

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Metal Lay-In Bioguard with acoustic fleece

Item # Dimensions (mm) Pattern Edge Detail Grid (mm) Alpha w Dnfw*
Recycled Content (%)
600 x 600 x 0 Standard perforation Rg 2516 Metal Tegular 16 0.75 (L) 18 30%
600 x 600 x 0 Microperforation Rd 1522 Metal Tegular 8 0.70 16 30%

* Some products may have Dncw values published. These are valid although Dnfw, which is essentially the same as Dncw, has superseded it. For further information on the acoustic performance of Armstrong products please contact our Armstrong Technical Sales.