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Select by Performance – Learn More: Anti-Microbial

...the development of fungi/mould or yeast and the products can be used in any general area.The Armstrong Bioguard paint treatment has additional active components which reduce the colony size of virulent strains of bacteria, moulds and yeasts. This...

Select by Performance – Learn More: Cleanability

...Armstrong offers products with scrub-resistance and even those suitable for high pressure water cleaning. For Healthcare premises, the Bioguard paint has enhanced resistance to disinfectants. Level of cleanability Selected solutions: Washable Bioguard AcousticBioguard PlainOptima Metal Lay-In BioguardPerlaPerla OP...

Armstrong Acoustical Ceilings - Environment - INDOOR ENVIRONMENT QUALITY

...certified in accordance with ISO 14644-1.Armstrong offers solutions for areas requiring minimal to the most stringent requirements: Bioguard, Parafon Hygien, Clean Room FL, Perla OP 0.95 & Perla OP 1.00. RESOURCES Exposed Structure vs. Continuous Ceilings White...

Armstrong - Select by Performance – Learn More: Light Reflectance

...affecting working comfort and productivity. Selected Solutions: Armstrong offers a wide range of products with high light reflectance (>85%) Bioguard AcousticBioguard PlainGraphis OptimaMetal PlainPlain PerlaPerla OP Ultima+Ultima+ dBUltima+ OP Types of applications: Office, meeting rooms, reception area’s: Light...

Armstrong - Market Segment - Solutions for Education

...Canopy,Optima Baffle,Metal Baffle Corridors Planks Range,Wood board Corridor Ceiling Optima Canopy,Optima Baffle,Metal Baffle Kitchens Bioguard Plain,Bioguard Acoustic,Parafon Hygien Metal Clip-In Plain, Metal Lay-In Plain Axiom Canopy,Metal Baffle Humid areas Ceramaguard...

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