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Armstrong - OP, dB, Standard - Acoustical solutions for every space

Armstrong - OP, dB, Standard - Acoustical solutions for every space New products > OP, dB, Standard OP, dB, StandardAcoustical solutions for every space...

Select by Performance – Learn More: Acoustics

...Reflection (Alpha w < 0,15) PlainGraphis Orcal PlainMadera Plain High Sound Absorption (Alpha w > 0,90) NevadaOptima Perla OpUltima Op High Sound Attenuation (Dncw > 37) Dune dBOrcal Premium Ultima dB Good Sound Absorption and Sound Attenuation Dune Max Perla...

Armstrong Ceilings - Techzone - Photo Gallery

...absorbing ceiling materials will provide improved speech intelligibility. Click to download CALL CENTRE Building module 1350x1800 1800x600 mm Ultima OP MicroLook Field Panels and 1800x150 mm Sierra Board Technical Panels on Interlude grid. • Larger panel sizes provide an enhanced...

Armstrong Acoustical Ceilings - Environment - Materials & Product Stewardship

...designed for recycling using manufacturing processes which minimise water consumption, adopt renewable energy strategies and acknowledge social responsibility.Perla OP 0.95, part of a new generation of sustainable and acoustic ceilings, has been Cradle to Cradle® Certified and...

Select by Performance – Learn More: Anti-Microbial

...generally used in healthcare premises. Anti-microbial performances Selected solutions: Mould & Yeast CirrusDune SupremeFine Fissured PerlaPerla OPPlain UltimaUltima dBUltima+ OP Mould, Yeast & Bacteria Bioguard PlainBioguard Acoustic Metal Bioguard Types of applications: All zones from category 1 to 6 in...

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