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Armstrong - OP, dB, Standard - Acoustical solutions for every space

Armstrong - OP, dB, Standard - Acoustical solutions for every space New products > OP, dB, Standard OP, dB, StandardAcoustical solutions for every space Choose your ceiling according to your acoustical needs To meet all acoustical requirements in every space, Armstrong provides ceiling...

Armstrong - Market Segment - Solutions for Education

...Gallery EDUCATION Mineral & Wood Metal Canopy Walls Classrooms Dune Supreme /Dune Max Lay-In, Hook-On AlphaCLASS FRAMES Libraries OP Range, Optima Clip-In, Hook-On Canopy Range AlphaCLASS FRAMES Canteens OP Range,Colortone Nevada Clip-In, Hook-On Canopy...


...Dune Cortega Design Fine Fissured Graphis Nevada Prima Casa Prima Fine Fissured Synonymes Ultima+ (New) Ultima+ dB (New) Ultima+ OP (New) Ultima+ Planks (New) Academy Merit Clean Room FL Colour Swatch Colortone Design Cirrus Dune Max Dune Supreme Dune dB...

Armstrong - Select by Performance – Learn More: Light Reflectance

...Solutions: Armstrong offers a wide range of products with high light reflectance (>85%) Bioguard AcousticBioguard PlainGraphis OptimaMetal PlainPlain PerlaPerla OP Ultima+Ultima+ dBUltima+ OP Types of applications: Office, meeting rooms, reception area’s: Light reflectance has a strong impact on...

Armstrong Ceilings - Listen to our acoustical solutions

...Education Brochure Creating ‘A Better Learning Environment’: Find out why Armstrong gets top marks as an education solutions provider. OP, dB, Standard OP Range for better concentration; dB range for better confidentiality; Standard range for improved Intelligibility. Armstrong Acoustical Test...

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