Exposed 24mm Grid System


Prelude 24 mm wide exposed grid systems combine exceptional stability with installation ease and is available in TL (integrated hook), TLX (stake on hook clip) and XL² (staked on stab clip) cross tee end details, all of which are stitched and fully compatible for the connection routs with the 24mm wide Universal main runner and Universal Prelude Sixty². All cross tees are stitched to enhance the rigidity and tortional strength of the components. A specific range of items can be provided in the 7 main standard colours as well as a portfolio of 180 RAL colours is available.

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Exposed 24mm Grid System Universal Main Runners 24

General applications

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Exposed 24mm Grid System Prelude 24 XL² Cross Tees

Exposed 24mm Grid System Prelude 24 TLX Cross Tees

Exposed 24mm Grid System Prelude 24 TL Cross Tees

General applications

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