Mesh Tegular 8 3985M


Mesh Metal is the new Armstrong range of zinc coated steel tiles that creates a functional and totally flexible ceiling system with strong monolithic appearance. It enables easy access to lighting, ventilation systems as well as technical fittings and electrical installations, all with a clear view into the ceiling void. Thanks for its light weight and various architectural design elements, the new Mesh Metal range gives a feeling of higher ceiling and good access to air. Typical installations are airport, railway stations, but also retail space, convention centres and leisure facilities. In general, for any public area, Mesh Metal is a brilliant solution to mask exposed elements, without compromising a modern and urban look. The range foresees a wide selection of patterns, colours and configurations for any application and preference.

Naziv proizvoda # 3985M

Vizuelne karakteristike

Površina Metal post coated
Završna obrada Mesh KD100
Detalj ivice Lay-In
Potkonstrukcija 24
Boja White RAL9010
Dimenzije 600 x 600 mm
Tip materijala Metal
Udeo recikliranog materijala (%) 30%

Tehničke karakteristike

Usklađene evropske klase apsorpcije zvuka not rated
Intenzitet zvuka usled padavina  
Refleksija svetlosti (%) 85
Vlagootpornost (RH%) 95
Težina (kg/m2) 4.15
Reakcija na požar
EEA Euroclass A2-s1,d0
Perivost Scrubbable
Otpornost na grebanje