Armstrong’s Vision – Mission - Values

Vision - Mission - Values
Our vision, mission and values play a role in everything we do at Armstrong.
The decisions we make, the interactions we have with customers and suppliers, the way we work with other departments…all are shaped by vision, mission and values.
Vision:  We deliver on our promises
We want Armstrong to be a company that delivers on its promises. That means we deliver on our promises to our customers, our suppliers, our coworkers, and our communities. 

This vision of Armstrong has been consistent throughout our history. Since 1864 when we made medicinal corks and marked each one with our circle “A”, the name Armstrong has stood for quality, innovation and integrity. “Let the buyer have faith” summarizes our commitment to quality.

Mission:  Simpler, faster, better. . . together
Process Improvement is a significant part of our strategy as a company in attaining our mission – Simpler, Faster, Better … Together. It is helping us to improve productivity and to produce better results for our customers, both internal and external.  

Some process improvement techniques used in Armstrong are:

  • Back-Yard Clean-up is a simplified approach that concentrates on internal issues and resolves them in less than 30 days.
  • Trailblazing is a process designed to analyze and improve key business challenges quickly.
  • Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology to reduce the number of "defects" in a process.
Values:  Respect, integrity, diversity and service
These Values remain a sound foundation on which we build the future of Armstrong. Our expectation is that all personal behaviors and business decisions will be consistent with these values:
  • Respect : To respect the dignity and inherent rights of the individual human being in all dealings with people.
  • Integrity: To maintain high moral and ethical standards and to reflect honesty, integrity, reliability and forthrightness in all relationships.
  • Diversity: To welcome the opinions and ideas of all people.
  • Service: To serve fairly and in proper balance with the interests of all groups associated with the business—customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, community neighbors, government and the general public.