General Perimeters - Shadowline perimeters

Physical Data

Profile Type Perimeters
Cross Tee / Main Runner Interface

Product Name Item No. Slot Spacing (mm) Dimensions
Outside corner 19mm A329   65.5 x 19 x 0.45
Inside corner 19mm A328   58 x 19 x 0.45
Outside corner 24mm A331   65.5 x 24 x 0.45
Inside corner for shadowline BPT1508HB A332   72 x 31 x 8.5
Inside corner 24mm A330   58 x 24 x 0.45
Outside corner for shadowline BPT1508HB A333   57.2 x 31 x 8.5
Perimeter Trim
Shadowline air circulated 20x20x20x20mm T2121H   3000 x 40 x 40
Painted shadowline 25x15x6.35x15mm T1506H   3050 x 30 x 31.35
Painted shadowline 25x15x8x15mm T1508H   3050 x 30 x 33
Painted shadowline 20x20x20x20mm T2020H   3000 x 40 x 40

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