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BAFFLES - Metal Baffles


Armstrong Metal Baffles are precision engineered metal elements with a regular perforation pattern and high performance glass wool insert for outstanding acoustic performance.

Used as a plenum mask where continuous services access is required; in semi-exposed environment of a station platform, or simply as an aesthetic ceiling solution for open space areas, their robust design and precise lines add additional impact in any ceiling environment.

Armstrong Metal Baffles can be easily customised in dimensions, perforations and colours, to achieve the best design for any architectural project



  • Robust, engineered solution
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • High light reflectance - saves energy
  • Modern linear appearance
  • Highly customisable system


  • Transport hubs
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Exhibition areas
  • Retail spaces
  • Large halls
  • Leisure centres



Module 300 x 1800 x 30 mm Custom shapes and sizes available



Armstrong Metal Baffles can significantly reduce background noise levels and reverberation times within spaces and enhance speech intelligibility. They provide absorption on all surfaces of the product either as a ‘planar’ absorber (αw), when installed as a linear array; or as a ‘discrete’ absorber (EAA) when installed as separate decorative elements.

Discrete absorption
  Acoustical data 1000 mm airspace
Dimensions EAA - Sabines *
METAL Baffles Rd 1522 - 300 x 1800 mm 0.73

* Average of 500-4000Hz, laboratory measurements with units suspended at 1000mm, in accordance with EN ISO 354:2003.

Planar absorption
  Acoustical Data 600mm total depth (300mm void)
Dimensions Spacing centre (mm) αw
METAL Baffles Rd 1522 - 300 x 1800 mm 300 0.55(H)
METAL Baffles Rd 1522 - 300 x 1800 mm 450 0.45


Contact the Armstrong Technical Sales team for further acoustic and performance information.