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BAFFLES - Optima Baffles Curves


Curve your imagination

With Armstrong Optima Baffles CURVES, you can now create exciting interiors without compromising acoustic performance – even with modern exposed-soffit ceilings.

Get all the benefits of traditional rectangular baffles, but with an extra twist – a unique waveform edge that creates a fresh and calming visual.

Available in 2 standard sizes, they feature pre-fitted spiral anchors for easy alignment and installation.



  • Fresh and innovative visual transforms busy spaces
  • Acoustics and aesthetics
  • Grouping or direct fixing
  • Features pre-fitted spiral anchor for easy alignment and installation


  • Transport hubs
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Exhibition areas
  • Retail spaces
  • Large halls
  • Leisure centres


Module 400 x 1800 x 40 mm Module 400 x 1200 x 40 mm
Custom shapes and sizes available  



Armstrong Optima Baffles Curves can significantly reduce background noise levels and reverberation times within spaces and enhance speech intelligibility. They provide absorption on all surfaces of the product either as a ‘planar’ absorber (αw), when installed as a linear array; or as a ‘discrete’ absorber (EAA) when installed as separate decorative elements.

Discrete absorption
Acoustical data 1000 mm airspace
Dimensions EAA - Sabines *
OPTIMA Baffles - 400 x 1200 mm 1.00
OPTIMA Baffles - 400 x 1800 mm 1.45

* Average of 500-4000Hz, laboratory measurements with units suspended at 1000mm, in accordance with EN ISO 354:2003.

Planar absorption
Acoustical Data 1000mm total depth (600mm void)
Dimensions αw
OPTIMA Baffles - 400 mm (450mm centres) 0.60(MH)


Contact the Armstrong Technical Sales team for further acoustic and performance information.