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BAFFLES - Optima Baffles


Our engineered rectangular mineral baffles have an all-round scrim facing and new high white paint finish, giving exceptional levels of acoustic performance and light reflectance.

Ideal for noisy environments like schools, factories, and warehouses, or in high mass constructions and naturally lit areas where traditional acoustic ceilings can’t be used for structural reasons, or simply can’t meet the performance level needed, they provide an economic solution with an attractive linear visual.


Complete with pre-screwed spiral fixing anchors, they’re the easiest and quickest baffle solution around.

Integrated suspension anchors are factory fitted for easy alignment and installation.


  • Great acoustic performance
  • Integrated spiral anchors factory fitted for easy alignment and installation
  • Modern linear appearance
  • High light reflectance - saves energy
  • Quick and easy to fix - saves cost
  • Install individually or in groups


  • Semi-exposed soffit buildings
  • Offices
  • Retail spaces
  • Halls
  • Leisure centres
  • Schools
  • Multi purpose rooms


Module 400 x 1200 x 40 mm Module 400 x 1800 x 40 mm



Armstrong OPTIMA Baffles can significantly reduce background noise levels and reverberation times within spaces and enhance speech intelligibility. They provide absorption on all surfaces of the product either as a ‘planar’ absorber (αw), when installed as a linear array; or as a ‘discrete’ absorber (EAA) when installed as separate decorative elements.

  Discrete absorption   Octave Band centre frequency (Hz)
  Planar absorption   Octave Band centre frequency (Hz)