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Optima Baffles Curves CS5164


With Armstrong Optima Baffles Curves you can now create exciting interiors without compromising acoustic performance, even with modern exposed soffit ceilings. Curve your imagination with a fresh and innovative visual that transforms transport hubs, schools and offices.

Item # CS5164

Visual Characteristics

Surface Optima
Pattern Curves
Edge detail Floating
Colour White
Dimensions 1800 x 400 mm
Material Type Mineral

Sustainability Characteristics

VOC Emissions A
Recycled Content (%) 80%
Recyclable (%) 100%
Formaldehyde Emissions E1

Technical Characteristics

Sound absorption (alpha w) 0.60 (H)
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Sound absorption European Classification C
Sound absorption (NRC) 0.65
Equivalent Absorption Area (Sabines : 500 – 4000 Hz) 1.45
Light reflectance (%) 87
Humidity resistance (RH%) 90
Fire reaction
EEA Euroclass B-s1,d0