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The control of bio-contamination is essential in the healthcare sector, especially in hospitals and clinics. Armstrong ceilings do not favour the development of fungi/mould or yeast and the products can be used in any general area.
The Armstrong Bioguard paint treatment has additional active components which reduce the colony size of virulent strains of bacteria, moulds and yeasts. This special paint finish can be cleaned and disinfected with cleaning detergents generally used in healthcare premises.
Anti-microbial performances
Selected solutions:
Mould & Yeast
Dune Supreme
Fine Fissured
Perla OP 0.95
Perla OP 1.00
Ultima+ dB
Ultima+ OP
Mould, Yeast & Bacteria
Bioguard Plain
Bioguard Acoustic
Metal Lay-In Bioguard
Types of applications:
All zones from category 1 to 6 in hospitals and clinics.
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