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The frequency and method of cleaning of a ceiling varies from one application to another. All 95% RH products can be cleaned with a moist cloth or a sponge dampened in water containing mild soap or diluted detergent. Where the ceiling is subjected to smoke and grease such as in kitchens, or areas with more stringent cleaning regimes, Armstrong offers products with scrub-resistance and even those suitable for high pressure water cleaning. For Healthcare premises, the Bioguard paint has enhanced resistance to disinfectants.
Level of cleanability
Selected solutions:
Bioguard Acoustic
Bioguard Plain
Metal Lay-In Bioguard
Perla OP 0.95
Perla OP 1.00

Ultima+ dB
Ultima+ OP
High pressure with security clips
Metal Clip-In Plain
Parafon Hygien
Types of applications:
Kitchens & food preparation areas.
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