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PRELUDE SIXTY² Wide Span System

The double Peakform bulb adds strength and stability to the section.
62mm high section:
       Improved load carrying capabilities
       Better handling during installation
       Increased fixing spans and reduced number of suspension points- Increased “clear”
        span capability in corridor applications
       Doubled stitched for improved torsional strength.
SuperLock Bulb to Bulb connection improves stability with easier lateral disconnection
   and reconnection.
In a typical corridor, up to 3.0 metres* wide, when no fixings are available to the soffit due to service (air conditioning, data cabling...). Prelude Sixty² is an ideal solution.
  Quicker and easier to cut due to the
   double Peakform section.
  The NEW section design is compatible
   with both XL2& TLX Cross Tees.
  Up to 37% lighter carton weight, than
   a typical deep section.
  Suitable for standard module tiles and
   planks, offering more flexibility during
  Strong connection.
  Secure with audible click.
  Easy to locate and connect.
  Easy to connect and disconnect especially
   in tight spaces.
   The Top Connector Clip (TCC) strengthens
   the overall connection and improves loading
   capabilities at connection*.
  Click here to download the Prelude Sixty² leaflet
*For more information about recommended tiles or load capacities, please contact your local ITS department.