ACOUSTICAL CEILINGS & WALLS | Bosnia and Herzegovina


Gebruik Armstrong plafondoplossingen voor passieve en actieve akoestieUse Armstrong ceiling solutions for passive and active acoustics… … to meet end-user needs
Orcal Canopy   OP Range   Optima Canopy
Orcal Canopy   OP Range   Optima Canopy
Concentration: the highest sound absorption with the innovative OP technology
  (up to 1.00 αw).
  Confidentiality: high sound attenuation performance with the dB range
  (up to 44 dB) and Orcal Premium (up to 47 dB).
  Intelligibility: the right balance between absorption and attenuation with
  the standard Armstrong range.
  Complement these acoustic ceiling solutions with products from the Armstrong
Canopy range. Alternatively, Armstrong can provide active acoustic solutions for
Sound Masking.
  With an extensive range of materials, shapes and performance products, Armstrong
is a leading innovator and provider of design and acoustic ceilings solutions.