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OP, dB, Standard
Acoustical solutions for every space

Choose your ceiling according to your acoustical needs
To meet all acoustical requirements in every space, Armstrong provides ceiling tiles to achieve high levels of Concentration, Confidentiality and Intelligibility.
These ceiling tiles are available in Ultima & Perla surfaces.
To download the Acoustical Solutions brochure click here
A new technology OP for better CONCENTRATION - Open Spaces
The new OP technology is highly recommended when concentration is needed. It improves dramatically the comfort in open spaces, call centres, etc.
To download the Ultima OP datasheet click here
To download the Perla OP datasheet click here
The dB range for better CONFIDENTIALITY  between Private / Office rooms
Our dB range offers excellent sound attenuation that enhances privacy and confidentiality.
To download the Ultima dB datasheet click here
The standard range for better INTELLIGIBILITY in meeting rooms
The Standard range meets the most frequent requirements by combining good sound absorption and sound attenuation that enhance intelligibility for workplace effectiveness.
To download the Ultima datasheet click here
To download the Perla datasheet click here
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