Select by Performance – Learn More: Acoustics

Acoustical performance embraces two important areas:
  • Sound Absorption (Alpha w): a measure of a material’s ability not to reflect sound,
  • and Sound Reduction (R or Rw) which describes how much sound is reduced when it transmits through a material.
For suspended ceilings Sound Reduction also includes Sound Attenuation (Dnc or Dncw), which is the process when sound transmits through the ceiling twice via the common ceiling void.
Therefore, ceilings should be chosen depending on the actual acoustic requirements of a room or space. Armstrong offers an extensive choice of acoustical ceiling solutions that will meet your project needs.
Sound Absorption: Sound Attenuation: Sound Reduction:

Selected Solutions:
For high Sound Reflection
(Alpha w < 0,15)
For high Sound Absorption (Alpha w > 0,90) For high Sound Attenuation
(Dncw > 37)
For good Sound Absorption and Sound Attenuation
Prima Plain
Orcal Plain
Madera Plain
Neeva Ultima dB
Orcal Premium
Types of applications where the following attributes may be considered to be more important:
  • Sound Reflection: larger meeting rooms, lecture theatres, music rooms
  • Sound Absorption: open plan offices, dealing rooms, call centres
  • Sound Attenuation: executive offices, meeting rooms, consulting rooms