Cellio 9002MBK


Durable open cell panels that mask the plenum and provide 100% accessibility to lighting, ventilation and sprinklers with an homogeneous appearance. Ideal for application where airflow management and smoke extraction is required. Available in a variety of interior cell sizes: from small cell size to larger 200x200 mm. Cellio is available in Global White, Black RAL9005 (BK) or RAL9006 (SG) colours.

Item # 9002MBK

Visual Characteristics

Surface Metal Open Cell
Pattern C64 - 75x75
Edge detail Flush MicroLook
Grid Face 15
Colour Black (BK)
Dimensions 600 x 600 mm
Material Type Metal

Compatible Suspension Systems

Exposed 15mm Grid System Universal Main Runners 15

Sustainability Characteristics

VOC Emissions A+
Recycled Content (%) <= 20%
Formaldehyde Emissions E1

Technical Characteristics

Humidity resistance (RH%) 95
Fire reaction
EEA Euroclass A1
Cleanability Scrubbable